Thursday, 6 May 2010


Social reality has always been characterized by a dichotomy between the power structure and the rebellion of a part of those oppressed by it. But today the dominating political structure, social democracy, has moved to the ultimate in sophistication: the participation of the exploited in managing their own exploitation.
The media are the protagonists of this project of death. Through a network that extends over the whole planet the latter not only enjoy unprecedented powers of persuasion, they carry out the precise task of forming opinions on all facts of ‘social concern’. With their slogan ‘participation’ they create an illusion of global communication and supply illusions of involvement in what is presented to us as reality. False problems are channelled into vociferous dead ends. The possibility of any real transformation of life is to be found elsewhere, in the beyond.
The contemporary totalitarianism based on ‘identity’ is the actual negation of the individual and his or her antagonism concerning their own and others’ exploitation. Through social pacification and a levelling of values, we see old class differences transformed into mere social categories: women, youth, pensioners, immigrants, etc. These are mere roles in which real individuality is submerged, leaving only the superficial, external aspect. Such categories relate to each other through their common representative, the State, united in a formal equality under a thin veil of tolerance which can be summed up as a ‘respect of differences’. Every one must have an identity and an opinion on all matters (duly supplied by the media), but all opinions must bear equal weight and all behaviour must tend towards the same aim: that of giving unconditional consensus to a power apparatus based on ecological devastation and genocide.
The mass media cement these abstract entities. Through them everything is explained and the parametres of the totalitarian democratic discourse are supplied. Within this framework any individual impulse is considered suspect and is condemned as such. Any behaviour beyond the passionless ranks of dissenters is immediately condemned and ostracised as antisocial or terrorist. Difference has given way to diversity – of colour, dress codes, opinions and all the rest. Meanwhile the asylums and prisons continue to multiply for those who don’t fit into this society...

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