Thursday, 6 May 2010

Why I don't want a campaign to support me


The comrade Edu was in jail during 11 months and 6 days the past year 2001 and has been out the past two years on parole).The trial was the past November the 17th and the prosecutor asked 22 years for two homicide (the two mail bombs send to twice journalists) charges and explosive possession.
Finally, he only has been condemned for the last one, although he always said that the powder (just 30 grs.) which was the only proof, was put in the drawer of his table by the police.
By now he won´t enter prison because he has appealed to a higher court.

This is a communique (in he made to explain why he doesn’t want a support campaign:

Eduardo García 22/01/04


I´ve read some commentaries in “” calling to relaunch the support campaign which started in the year 2000 demanding my liberation. I appreciate very much the worry of those persons and i´m happy seeing there are people ready to do an effort but...
There are about 50.000 prisoners in the spanish state separated from their family and friends, confined between steel and concrete, without any sense, exposed to jailers and institutional arbitrariness. Me, in this moment, am not one of them.

It’s understable that most of the readers of “” could feel more identified with me than with many of the other 55.000 persons, but i´m here writing while they are enclosed. Our propaganda and our mobilizations must be against the penitentiary system and first at all to support the emprisoned comrades and, when those acts could be enough we could talk about the people who are still in the street.

Of course I don´t want to say i think it´s bad to make efforts to support people who suffer retaliations without being emprisoned, but i think the other prisoners have preference and so i don´t want any campaign to support me.

A thousand of thanks.

Neihter FIES, nor dispersion, nor ills in prison... prison demolition!

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