Thursday, 6 May 2010

Once upon a time - about some sabotage in Valencia

Valencia, November the 24th ??

Local Newspaper Levante-EMV

Local and national police are investigating in Valencia a massive sabotage detected on Saturday morning in public establishments. Authors sealed with silicone the locks of about 50 shops and banks and rubricated their action with anti-system leaflets.

In particular, those pasquinades that could be recovered by the Information Group of the National Police Corp [N.d.T. That´s the special corp in the police that research political actions, although they say it´s only for sabotage and terrorist crimes] say: “This commerce, with its clients, is joining the strike of November the 22nd”. The action, always as it´s described in the writing is some kind of protest against the “excessive situation that is being lived in the prisons of the world”. The same text added a manifesto against the system: “down with capitalism!” and a demand: “Freedom for the prisoners with terminal illnesses and those who have been secluded more than 20 years” [N.d.T. Those are two of the ‘historic’ demands of the prisoners in fight against the FIES regimen and the conditions in jail].

On the other hand, yesterday a woman burned a mixture of sulphur and acid in a tomato bottle of 5 Kgs. in the WC of the Sciences Museum, provoking smoke; an action that could be attached to the sabotages in shops.

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