Wednesday 23 December 2009


Even if prisons were transformed from human storerooms into luxury hotels, even if the prisoners of all prisons are satisfied with “reduced sentences”, even if the everyday beatings of prisoners are replaced by sly agreements and assimilated by correctional policies in accordance with the “human rights” model, even if the “white cells” turn “pink”, and heroin gives way to methadone we will remain forever enemies of every structure that denies us our freedom.
We will be the rebels inside your luxury hotels and the arsonists of legal justice. We will be eternal fighters in love with freedom. Better prison conditions mean nothing more than improved conditions of captivity. For us the issue remains in its essence. That is, the condition of captivity in itself. Freedom and revolution are the only concepts that include us as a whole. We are participating in the mass mobilizations that are taking place in most prisons at this time. We choose to act together with those who keep struggling for that one step more. Because revolution is continuous movement. In this continuous movement we are organic components. The harvest from our struggle is the relationships and the spark of destruction ignited inside and outside the galleys. Our every action is one more step for the destruction of prisons.

Neither social nor political
Dynamite and fire to
every prison
Yiannis Dimitrakis
Yiorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis
Polykarpos Georgiadis

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