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PORTUGAL - Poster relating to the beatings in Monsanto

Poster relating to the beatings in Monsanto

End to the beatings and tortures in the prison of Monsanto, and in all the prisons.

Solidarity with the prisoners who maintain their dignity, who refuse to bow down before the authorities.

For the decentralized attack on the State and capitalism, which are made of people and physical structures reachable to everyone,

everyday, everywhere.

You can not stop us.

Some anarchists for the destruction of the best of worlds

- Poster relating to caxias

“Prisons, revolt and Caxias”

13 years after a wide struggle by Portuguese prisoners
for the improvement of the conditions
to which they were subjected inside the prisons,
the State decides to put 25 of the
then prisoners in the prison of Caxias on trial,
charging them with mutiny, damage and arson.

We don’t care if they did it or not.
We care about the love for freedom,
that which persists in not letting itself die,
in not letting itself be suffocated by the courts, nor by the bars, nor by the guards.

They’re joyful moments, those in which that love expresses itself.
Moments in which we communicate among free hearts.
Moments that no authority can take away from us.

Solidarity with those who struggled.
Solidarity with those who struggle.

Anarchists for the cutting off of the hand that imprisons us,
and for the expropriation of the key.

- Poster relating to the revolts inside some prisons, during the screws strike

That the mutinies spread everywhere
Inside and outside
In all the prisons

Solidarity with the prisoners in struggle

That voice that shouts “insurrection”!
It’s our brothers, our children, our husbands,
Our companions, our comrades, our friends.
Those that only have violence
To break the wall of silence…

This text won’t be about the misery of prison, since all of us who risk it know that misery. It won’t be about the need to destroy prison;

that need is evident to us, we feel it in each beating of our hearts. This text won’t be about the misery which is the survival here, on the

outside of the prison walls, in this “free society” that is, in itself, an open air prison.
What we want today is to address ourselves to the rebellious prisoners, to those who crave and struggle for the air taken from them.

What we want today is to say that, inside a prison, they can take everything from us, except the desire for freedom. Sometimes that

desire is able to shout out so loud that it overcomes the silence of the walls: in all the Alcoentres, in all the Caxias, in all the Monsantos,

in all the Coimbras, in all the Leirias and in all those that never reach the newspapers…
In the escapes, the hungerstrikes, the refusals to re-enter the cells, the refusals of prison food, the attacks on screws, the work strikes,

the arsons, the destruction of prison material, the climbing on the rooftops, the mutinys, the fists, the screams.
In the screams that, for once, are born from a will that flows inside, a will to communicate with each other. In the screams that, for once,

are born out of a revolt which only aims at breathing freely, without bars, nor screws, nor control nor walls! In the screams that, for once,

aren’t born from the beatings, nor from the psychological or physical tortures, nor from the isolation from those and from what we love,

nor from the shots fired by the GISP assassins, who kill as any other prison guard kills, as does any cop, any judge, any journalist, any

These screams are yours, and are ours too. They’re from all of us who daily feel on our skins that authority is an enemy of freedom; they’

re from all of us that have our lives controlled and stolen by people with power and institutions; they’re from all of us who want our lives

back and decided to be ourselves fighting for them.

Solidarity in the attack, for the destruction of every prison and the world that creates them.

a few anarchists

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