Wednesday, 5 May 2010


a leaflet given out in Greece during preparations for the
greek Olympics

In times of war for the imposition of global domination, where the bosses proceed to inter-state coalitions and capitalist completions, coordinating their operations in the name of "anti "terrorism to establish totalitarian control and to loot the world...
In times of an all-out attack against the peoples of the so-called "third world", whose genocide through starvation and disease and their enslavement in the dungeons of multinational mass production colonies are nourishing the well-being of the "developed" world; whose death during the new order's crusades and under military occupation, their confinement and torture inside concentration camps and attempts to neutralize their resistance have become the foundation stone for the Security of the projects of dominion...
In times of intensified exploitation, surveillance and repression for the excluded and those who resist within the walls of the western world...
...The olympic games are a shop-window of capitalism and domination itself. An advertisement for the world of class slavery and the means to impose it. A global gala, sealing in one more level of the cooperation of the local bosses with multinational corporations, international political staffs and agencies of repression.
For the Greek state, a participant in the criminal coalition that is launching the global terror-war, the Olympic games are a step to upgrade its role in the world's elite and strengthen its pre-eminent position in the Balkans. They are its own way of contributing to the expansion of this terror-war and especially to the aspect that concerns the militarization of western societies and the extermination of the "internal enemy". Inside the country, the games are the spearhead for the state's attack against the exploited and oppressed, as well as the means to accelerate the imposition of a long­lasting State of Emergency, signifying a new era of repression and social control.
In the name of accomplishing the National Grand Idea, the "ideals" of profit are praised by all kind of bosses: companies, contractors and state officials who handle the huge 2004 budgets. In this giant commercial enterprise, which will cost more than 6 billion euros, the proletarians are forcefully labeled "volunteers" to pay its cost by being robbed through taxes, the rise in the cost of living and wage freezes, but also to pay its price: by speeding up the work pace, in extremely dangerous conditions and under new forms of surveillance, with their own blood in working "accidents". These human sacrifices (more than 620 dead immigrant and local workers in the last four years) on the altar of profit and due to the bonuses given for the fast termination of the Works, have taken nightmarish dimensions in the Olympic construction sites where hundreds of workers have been killed or seriously injured. A new model of absolute exploitation and expendable humans is consolidated in the Olympic works, to characterize from now on the conditions of labor in every other site of wage slavery. At the same time, as the games are offering a unique opportunity for capitalist pillage, the natural environment is being plundered and destroyed, while the urban landscape is redeveloped according to the new norms of commercialization and surveillance of public spaces.
The local version of international "anti "terrorism is being established through the colossal operation "safe olympic games", including:
the collaboration of "anti"-terrorist specialists from Greek, US, British, Israeli, Australian, German, French and Spanish secret services,
military exercises by Greek and foreign special forces, based on scenarios of "pre­emptive action" and "management of disproportionate threats", NATO's engagement after official demands made by the Greek state, with spying aircrafts, special units on alert and navy patrolling in the Aegean and Mediteranea sea, mass imports of modern weapons and the installation of technologically advanced equipment monitoring public spaces and persons, such as the C4I system developed by the american multinational SAIC (a company providing know-how, infrastructure and armament for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq).
Hundreds of surveillance cameras are being placed and forbidden "red zones", where access is possible only for those with licences, are instituted. All areas around athletic facilities, hotels, ports and airports in the five Olympic cities are sealed and sterilized with the use of sensors to locate anything and anyone considered suspect. In the streets, the death squads of a police occupation army are undertaking "cleansing operations" against the homeless, drug addicts and immigrants, while the former US base in Aspropyrgos, outside Athens, has been transformed in to an olympic concentration camp. In Heraklio, Crete, Roma families will be evicted out of their settlement to be relocated in an old military base. During the games, 50.000 soldiers will take position around Athens and patrolling inside the red zones.
Through these orgiastic preparations, the repressive apparatus is modernized, and the new role of the army in the confrontation of the "internal enemy" is promoted. The "zero tolerance" doctrine against any expression of social and class dissidence is rooting and the borders, where already hundreds of refugees are loosing their lives, are even more fortified.
The Olympics are proclaimed "a matter of national interest" and their safety becomes the ideological vehicle for the implementation of methods that are either way considered as priorities for the intensification of state terrorism, within the framework of constructing a global Guantanamo.
Within this situation, "court-martials" are set, such as the one that accomplished its mission inside Koridallos prison, imposing on those accused as "November 17" members exterminatory sentences of political convenience, and the one that is taking place now against the five accused for participation in E.L.A (Revolutionary Popular Struggle), with the judges cynically admitting that "the trial must be finished before the Olympics".
These are trials aiming at having the institution of "independent justice" legalize torture and confinement in "white cells", by the collaborators and the pogrom against the dissidents of terror-democracy. After they're finished, political prisoners will be sent to the new isolation wing, which was recently built in the jail of Larisa. Participation in social-class struggles and the expression of solidarity are both criminalized, and every choice to resist without apology to state legality, rejecting the mediation of institutions is baptized "terrorism".
The Greek state signs international "anti "terrorist acts and treaties allowing extradition. Within these circumstances it was decided to extradite in Germany Sinan Bozcourt - Taylan, a Kurdish communist arrested in Greece on the same day that many other political refugees from Turkey were arrested in different countries of Fortress-Europe.
Using the alibi of the Olympics' safety, the Greek secret service and police authorities are officially now after political refugees, Arab and muslim immigrants, anarchists and anti- authoritarians, announcing that their places are being watched and their email and telephone communication monitored.

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