Thursday, 6 May 2010


January 21, 2003, the most important ski station of the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines went up in flames completely destroying all the plants of the ski lift that links l’Abtone in Pistoia province, with the main ski slopes. The very modern installation was inaugurated only 2 years ago. Apart from the very serious damage caused by the fire to the plant itself in the heart of the season, there is talk of 10 million Euros damage, as well as the loss of the season! At the site was left the slogan: Free Marco, fire to the destroyers. What follows is the letter claiming the action sent to the Ansa in Florence. ‘We are attacking whoever transforms the mountain into money, destroying it unpunished. So, who loves it rebels and, arming themselves with whatever means, stops the ruin caused by the exploiters. Solidarity with Marco Camenisch, who lived and loved the mountain and, at the moment, is a prisoner on hunger strike inside the squalid four walls of a Swiss prison and can no longer walk in them. With the desire that one day you will get your freedom back, an embrace to you and all the prisoners locked up in the prisons all over the world. Incendiary material in 4 cabins of the ski-lift of Abetone.
Technicians, local administrators and tourist operators have tried to make the situation look as if it is under control, showing false optimism. The damage to the plant is probably more difficult to repair that what they want to make us think. Nothing though compared to other damage, that which the mountains have had to undergo for years because of tourism and its speculators.


They, we, you, them

Over the past few days, between Trento and Rovereto, some Esso petrol stations were sabotaged by anonymous hands. The multinational, it is well known, won the contract for the supply of fuel to the American military vehicles. ‘Petrol of Death’, it has been called by many pacifists, from the moment that the company will literally enrich itself on the backs of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that the American army is preparing to massacre. A little gesture against the war, therefore. Although it is nothing, if you like, but concrete, while all over Italy it is being said that it is possible to disarm the war. According to the newspapers, the self-service pumps were cut and blocked with silicone: there was therefore no danger of the petrol escaping.

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